We are not builders. We are constructors.

As constructors, we are involved from project concept to completion. We believe in constructing a thorough plan, starting late and finishing early. More than anything, we believe in constructing client driven communication channels in which the end goal is clearly defined.



Plan Thoroughly

The only time to save money is during the planning stage – after that, money can only be spent. Project planning is where money and time are saved, resources are allocated efficiently and problems are identified and solved.  To ensure the most favorable outcome, EWI insists on working directly with the design team and the project owner from the beginning. When all parties involved are on the same page concerning every material used, every doorway placement, and even the positioning of every electrical outlet, the project flows much more smoothly and produces the best possible result.

Start Late

From port-a-potties to garbage bins, the details of any project can add up quickly. The minute boots step on your construction site, costs are incurred. Proper planning prior to mobilization saves money and time. When all essential resources are scheduled, committed, and communicated, your project finishes on time.

Finish Early

Project management is our pride and joy, and we look forward to making the entire construction process easy, as well as enjoyable, for you. When the initial planning is correct and complete and the materials, labor and procedures are in place, early project completion is an attainable goal.



Your goals are our goals. Your priorities are our priorities.

What is most important to you:

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Determining our client’s end goal sets the stage for the whole planning process. This requires a lot of communication – real communication. EWI strives to be accessible at all times to our clients. We encourage clients to reach out to us with questions big or small, night or day, rain or shine. Internal meetings are held every week with subcontractors to make sure all tasks are being completed on time and within budget. Monthly team meetings are held with the client, design team and relevant parties to discuss pending issues, budget and schedules.

Contact us with your vision. We’ll take good care of it.

EWI is a constructor of great relationships, beautiful buildings and quality construction.